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A Complete Beginners Guide to Keeping Tarantulas.

tarantula Spiders make great pets AboutTarantulas.com is the leading resource for Tarantula information online. This website is your one stop shop whether you are just getting into the rewarding hobby of collecting Tarantulas or are already an experienced and avid collector.

The site is broken down into all areas to provide you with the most up to date information on Tarantulas and how to keep them.

Care Sheets and Husbandry Advice and Information

Brazilian Black a large species of TarantulaThe site specifically focuses on beginners and provides everything a Tarantula Beginner could possibly have a question for including what are the best Tarantula species for beginners and exactly how to care for them to ensure not only the spiders safety but your own also.

You will find a full list of Tarantula species including care sheets for many of them, you can also use our Tarantula shop to shop for everything you need to take care of your spiders from a heating lamp to a bag of crickets to feed your spiders.

Enjoy Your visit To Our Online Tarantulas Resource

Tarantula standing up We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site and hope you find it a good resource for a hobby we all love and that is keeping and taking care of these fabulous Arachnids.

You may also purchase the BEST SELLING Beginners Guide To Keeping Tarantulas (by Gaz Cooper) it is a complete guide showing you step by step how to get started with your very first tarantula including all the things you will need to get ready to invite your very first Tarantula into your home.