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Tarantula Cages and Housing


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Housing your Tarantula

Tarantula cages

There are many types of containers that can be used for housing your tarantulas, and most people want a Tarantula cage that gives the most visibility so you can see your Tarantula and show it off to your family and visiting friends

You can really go crazy on Tarantula cages with custom display cages but you can also spend just a few dollars by using a small Kritter Keeper these are perfectly adequate and come with a plastic lid which can be secured tightly to avoid your Tarantula from climbing up the side and out of the cage, it is also great to stop any live feeders like crickets from escaping.

Terrestrial Tarantula cage

For Tarantulas that live n the ground

It is important for your tarantulas well being that you purchase the correct tarantula enclosure for the species of Tarantula you have and there are 2 types.

Arboreal species (those that live in trees and then Terrestrial species those that live on the ground and when choosing the correct Tarantula cage keep that in mind.

For Tarantulas that live on the ground purchase a flatter Tarantula cage and for an Arboreal species choose one that is taller so you can add a tree log so your Tarantula can behave as if it is in the wild.

For Tarantulas that live off the ground

For Tarantulas that live off the ground (Arboreal)

Both types of Tarantula Terrariums are available on Amazon.com and I have provided 2 pictures to show you the difference between the 2 enclosures.

Substrate For Your Tarantula cage

Now you have your Tarantula cage you will need to spread a layer of substrate over the bottom of the cage.

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