Green Bottle Blue

Green Bottle Blue Tarantula (Cromatopelma Cyaneopubesens  )

Good Tarantula for beginners

Green Bottle Blue Tarantula
The Green Bottle Blue is probably the most vibrantly colored of all the Tarantulas and this is partly why they are so popular as it is a very attractive species to look at.

It is a medium size, fairly docile but some can be nervous. They a very hardy species with a wide range of temperatures and low humidity  which makes it a great starter Tarantula for the beginner hobbyist.

It is a Stunning species and would make a good starter Tarantula for anyone wanting to purchase their first Tarantula.

Range:         Venezuela desert and scrublands
Type:             Terrestrial
Size FG:        4-4.5 inches
Temp:            70-85
Humidity:     65-75 (Be sure to have a shallow dish in terrarium)
Housing:       5-10 Gallon Terrarium
Substrate:     2-3 inches of Reccomended Substrates
Decor:            Artifical Bark Log to hide under
Food:              Crickets, Meal worms, Lizards, Pinkies