Mexican Fire Leg

Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula

(Brachypelma  Boehmei  )

Mexican Fire Leg
Good Tarantula for beginners

The Mexican Fire leg  is a vibrant  Tarantula with its distinctive orange legs, it is popular species as it is a very attractive species to look at.

It is a large size, very docile, they a also a very hardy species  which makes it a great starter Tarantula for the beginner hobbyist.

It is a Stunning species and would make a good starter Tarantula for anyone wanting to purchase their first Tarantula.

Range:          Southern Mexico
Type:             Terrestrial
Size FG:        5-6 inches
Temp:            65-80
Humidity:     70-80 (Be sure to have a shallow dish in terrarium)
Housing:       5-10 Gallon Terrarium
Substrate:     2-3 inches of Reccomended Substrates
Decor:            Artifical Bark Log to hide under
Food:              Crickets, Meal worms, Lizards, Pinkies