Pink Zebra Beauty

Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula

(Eupalastras campestratus)

Pink Zebra Beauty The Pink Zebra Beauty is a fairly new species to be kept by collectors and it turns out is perfect for the beginner..

It is a very large, very docile and also a very hardy species which makes it a great starter Tarantula for the beginner hobbyist.

It is a beautiful Tarantula with distinct white bands on its legs that identify this species easily.

You won’t probably find this species in your pet store but it can easily found with the main breeders and it really is a great choice for the Beginner collector.

Latin Name: Eupalastras Campestratus
Range:          Paraguay
Type:             Burrowing
Size FG:        5-6 inches
Temp:            75-85
Humidity:     65-75 (Be sure to have a shallow dish in terrarium)
Housing:       5-10 Gallon Terrarium
Substrate:     3-5 inches of Reccomended Substrates
Decor:            Artifical Bark Log to hide under
Food:              Crickets, Meal worms, Lizards, Pinkies