What Do Tarantulas Eat


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Tarantulas eat a wide variety of insects in the wild and the larger species such as the Goliath Bird Eating Spider are known to eat fully grown mice and even snakes.

Bird Eating Spider Eating Mouse

Generally as a Tarantula owner you will mainly be feeding your Tarantulas on Crickets or meal worms (personally I prefer Crickets).

Crickets are easy to find online and are very inexpensive and they last a long while alive as long as you give them food and water.

They come in all sorts of sizes from pin head crickets for baby Tarantulas right up over an inch in size

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You can purchase crickets easily online and they can be delivered to your home and will be Guaranteed to be alive when they arrive and you can then go ahead and feed your Tarantula.

The Amount of food you should feed your spider will depend on the size an species of your Tarantula but a good way is to put in a few crickets and let your spider eat his fill then be sure once he stops eating your remove any remains and also any live crickets that are left over.

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You can also feed your Tarantulas, Mealworms or other grubs and these will be happily devoured by your Spider although you must take into account that you will have to keep an eye on the worms since they will turn into beetles if the temp is too warm or you keep them too long.

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Feeding your Tarantula a mix of foods is a good idea but you can get away with just one food source but if you can mix it up a little.

VERY IMPORTANT: Always remove any leftover food items such as legs body casings etc because if you do not then it can attract mites and can cause your Tarantula harm as bacteria will grown in your habitat.

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